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Frequently Asked Questions

What physical activities do we offer?

At Arcadia Gardens, we provide our residents with a variety of ways to stay active and feel their best. In addition to our outdoor activities, which include Pickleball, Bocce Ball, and a pool perfect for swimming laps or water aerobics, we also host classes in our state-of-the-art fitness center. All residents are encouraged to contact the Lifestyle Coordinator with any special activity requests – we want to hear from you!

Where will we play cards and games?

We have the luxury of utilizing many beautiful and functional spaces to play cards and games at Arcadia Gardens. Depending on the availability of our spaces and the number of participants, we can use numerous rooms of our clubhouse as well as outdoor areas for these activities and gatherings. The locations of specific games will be listed on our monthly calendar. Extra copies of the calendar can be found at the front desk.

Will there be alcohol permitted at events or around the community?

There will be some events where alcohol consumption by those over 21 is included as a part of the event/activity. Some events will provide alcohol at no charge to the residents and other events may require residents to BYOB if they are so inclined, these designations will be made clear on resident SUN Program calendars, event postings, and resident bulletin updates through the resident portal. Residents are always able to bring their own alcohol to events, as well as enjoy their adult beverages in any of the amenity spaces. The pool, outdoor kitchen, movie theater, etc. are for YOU!! We want you to enjoy these spaces fully and recognize these amenities as an extension of your home. We do ask residents to refrain from using glass by the pool area for safety reasons and ask that residents make sure to dispose of recyclables and waste accordingly.

What hours will breakfast be served?

Breakfast will be served from 7:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. There will be a self-serve coffee machine that allows residents to brew a cup of coffee, cappuccino, latte, tea, etc. in under 2 minutes that will be available around-the-clock in the dining room. Hours are subject to change based on resident demand.

What hours will lunch be served? Will it be available in the bistro or dining room?

Lunch will be available from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m., and will be available in the Bistro. Should demand increase, the team will look into expanding the lunch into the dining room as well as adjusting hours based on resident demand.

What hours will dinner be served?

Dinner will be available starting at 5 p.m. with service ending around 7:30. If there are events in the dining room that include dinner service residents will be made aware at the beginning of the month when calendars are distributed. There will be several events that include meals each month (and happy hours!) so make sure to put your calendar somewhere you’ll check frequently!

Will there be newspapers provided or delivered?

There will be limited copies of the daily newspaper for the community delivered to the clubhouse. Individuals are encouraged to register for their preferred publications directly.

How will grocery delivery be handled? Will front door drop offs of these deliveries be allowed? If so, how will they gain access to get in the building?

Each building will have an intercom service in place for residents to buzz in guests and delivery services through their personal phones. Residents will be provided with an introduction to the intercom and entry system during resident orientation.

How will residents allow guests in or up to their apartment?

Each building will have an intercom service in place for residents to buzz in guests and delivery services through their personal phones.

If a resident forgets their FOB, will there be a keypad to get access to elevator lobby?

There is no additional keypad to access the elevator lobby; however, one of the wonderful parts about living at Arcadia Gardens is on-call maintenance or concierge services to unlock the door/apartment

How large are the elevators? Are there any specific freight/service elevators to use for moving or furniture delivery?

Our elevators are 3500 series. While there is no separate freight elevator, ahead of your move-in, the Arcadia Gardens team will arrange move-in times based on your schedule. There will be an elevator set-up with special padding and reserved specifically for your move-in! This elevator will be open and for the resident move-in only, allowing your move-in to be seamless and smooth!

Will larger packages that do not fit into Arcadia Gardens’ delivery lockers be dropped off at resident’s doors? Are the lockers only for Amazon specifically or any packages?

Each building lobby will have an Amazon locker hub system. This system works with all major delivery carriers (FedEx, USPS, UPS) to utilize the lockers. For larger deliveries the packages will be located on a central building lobby console. If you are ordering secure delivery or signature-required items, the delivery company will take this to the resident’s door directly.

Will carts be available in the parking garage for residents to bring groceries or packages to their apartments in lieu of having to carry them?

There will be carts available in each building lobby for residents to use to help them bring packages or purchases up to their apartment home. For additional moving assistance or support, please contact the office directly to see what is available or receive moving company recommendations.

Will the property have a fence on all four sides?

The property will have fences on the South and West sides of the property. The north entrance is our gated entryway.

What will the annual increases be on rent at renewal?

Rent increases are not predetermined, but are evaluated based on the area market conditions and cost of living. Rent increases are typically around 3%. At no time will annual taxes, HOA/COA fees, or annual amenity fees be introduced to leases compared to other properties/communities.

What hours/days will the shuttle bus be available for grocery and doctor trips?

A SUN Program calendar will be distributed monthly and will provide the hours and days of trips. Depending on attendance, we typically do doctor trips two days a week and shopping and lunch trips 2-3 days a week.

Will the shuttle bus be available for individual trips outside of the normal schedule?

The shuttle will be available for trips personal doctors appointments on designated days. These days will be consistent each month (i.e. Mondays and Wednesdays 8:30-1) and shared with residents as soon as it’s finalized. For individual needs or resident-organized events, the resident would coordinate with the Lifestyle Coordinator based on availability.

Will the shuttle bus run to Palm Beach Airport?

Trips to the Palm Beach International Airport will be based on availability and must be directly coordinated with the Lifestyle Coordinator. We do recommend utilizing Uber or Lyft services (or similar) for personal one-off airport trips. The Arcadia Gardens team is working to set-up a preferred ride-sharing pickup/dropoff location on-site for residents to make this process even easier.

Will pest control be provided?

The exteriors of our buildings will be treated for pests on a schedule. Standard pest control spray treatments of individual apartment units will available at no charge to the resident. Residents will need to request to be put on the pest control list/log for the week, which will be located in the office, and authorize permission for a key to be released to pest control if they are not home. It is customary to charge extra for pest control if additional services are needed as fleas, bed bugs, etc.

Are guests of residents allowed to come to fitness classes or other events if accompanied by the resident?

Yes! We encourage our residents to bring their friends to fitness classes or community events. Please make sure to sign-up in advance in the Activities Registration binder to make sure we can accommodate. For our Resident Appreciation events, we want to protect the integrity of this event as a resident-only event, so please just make sure to sign-up and coordinate appropriately.

Are there paint swatches available to give to residents of the interior colors to be able to match furniture?

Yes, please reach out to management and we will be able to provide you with this request!

Can standard closets be upgraded to the California Closets provided in the Deluxe units?

Currently, we are not allowing any unapproved alterations to existing units without additional review by ownership. Please contact a member of our team to discuss any changes you’d like made before making alterations to your apartment.

What are move-in processes, evacuation plans, resident policies, etc.?

Ahead of move-in, the team will coordinate move-in dates and times with the resident. At this time, residents will be provided with move-in information and a resident handbook. This will outline all up-to-date processes and procedures that are important for all residents to have as a reference point. If there are updates made to the handbook, there will be a community-wide email shared and new handbooks available for pick-up at the clubhouse.

What are the guest suite costs and policies?

We are thrilled to offer our residents the convenience of having an on-site guest suite to allow their friends and family to visit and experience life at Arcadia Gardens. Guest suite stays are available for $125/night and will be available starting August 16th. Reservations are first-come, first-serve as far as bookings. Check-in will typically be 3 p.m., residents are able to pick-up the keys to the guest suite from the front office. Check-out is 11 a.m. the morning of check-out. Residents assume responsibility for their guests, and guests are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the community. If an earlier check-in or later check-out is required, please work with the on-site team for availability.